Adult Family Homes United!

About Us

Adult Family Homes United
(motto) "United We Stand...Divided We Fall!"

We are a group of:
Adult Family Home Owners
That work together to help each other and NEW homes with ALL areas of running our homes, such as:
 - Helping to understand the regulations
 - Meal planning
 - Residents Rights
 - Continuing Education Credits on a multitude of subjects
 - Monthly Meetings around the state

Adult family homes, in the state of Washington, are residential care homes with 1 to a maximum of 6 residents, who live in a "family-homelike" setting, referred to as the "board and care" model.  This level of assistance, between "assisted living" and "nursing home care", allows seniors and disabled persons to stay in a setting that is similar to the home and family that they have been accustomed to.

Other states have "group homes", "senior room and board homes", "senior foster homes", and various other levels of group or assisted living.  One developing standard is the "Green House Project", proposed by Bill Thomas, through the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, where residentsa re called "elders".

Small home care is provided by the trained home owner and a small staff, with one or more awake staff member in the home 24 by 7.  Regular visits by state inspectors and Registered Nurses on contract, complete the in-home care available to the senior residents.

Funding may be private-payment, or by medicare or medicaid, or through veterans' benifit programs.  Typical costs involved range from $2,000 to $6,500 monthly, per resident.  Please call one of us, on this website's CONTACTS page, for assistance or more information.

Services and Training:
From a few hours a week... to as many as 24 hours a day,
ask about non-medical services that may include:
Alzheimer's & Dementia Care
Housekeeping & Laundry
Medication Reminders
Preparing Nutritious Meals
Shopping & Errands
Transportation to Appointments

Our friendly, reliable caregivers can help folks live comfortably at home
We may provide assistance for:
Parents & Grandparents
Stressed-out Family Members
Loved Ones with Special Needs
Seniors Living Alone
New Mothers
Those Recovering From Surgery

We can provide training and setup services to new owners of an Adult Family Home
We can help with such items as:
Setting up your books
Setting up your procedures
Arranging for professional RN visits
Communicating with the State regulatory authorities
Help locate training and other resources
Assist in providing resident-referrals

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